• two CNC lathe machines CTX 420 with powered tools and y-axis
    load diameter normal: Ø 95 mm max: Ø 200 mm
    Stangenbearbeitung: max: Ø 65 mm
    Außenbearbeitung (Länge): max: 450 mm
  • CNC milling machine DMU 80, five axis simultaneous processing for steel and aluminium
    work space: 700 x 500 x 500
  • CNC milling machine Hurco Vmx24t, three axis processing
    work space: 760 x 510 x 500
  • portal milling machine GPY 158/138 for plastic and aluminiumwork space: 1.500 x1.300 x 400
  • several conventional lathe and milling machines
  • welding of stainless steel and aluminium at 9 work stations
  • eroding, grinding and eloxadize are also among our services

For our clients we manufacture individual parts and small series. We will gladly advise you.