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Precision Hinge

This hinge is "free of play"!

The precision hinges can be manufactured using a wide variety of materials depending on the application and stress situations, e.g. simple structural steel, aluminium, high-grade stainless steel or a base cast body in case of large quantities. The heart of the hinge is constructed using a ball lining or needle bearings with a hardened precision shaft. 

The precision hinge is maintenance-free and designed for constant loading. All dimensions of the hinge can be adapted individually to your requirements and needs while taking the given characteristics of the ball linings or needle bearings into account. We can construct the right precision hinge for you.

Contact us and tell us your expectations. We will promptly inform you as to how, when and for how much you will be able to receive your precision hinges.

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Clip Clamp

This clip clamp is a development of the company Zander. He is very accurate and easy to maintain. The very robust design allows the use of large forces and high frequencies.

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3-D view for Download
3-D view for Download